We Are On A Journey of Allyship 

We provide platforms
where Indigenous
peoples are heard!

Our team prioritizes creating culturally sensitive and inclusive event spaces that celebrate diversity, intersectionality, and mutual respect. We are dedicated to upholding the values of inclusivity and working collaboratively with Indigenous communities to create welcoming environments for all participants.

The Legacy Of Hope Foundation

By supporting the Legacy of Hope Foundation, an Indigenous-led charitable organization, as our official nominated charity, individuals and organizations can contribute towards building a better understanding and awareness of the impact of Residential Schools on Indigenous people.

Supporting Indigenous Artisans at Events

We recognize the important role that Indigenous artisans play in preserving cultural heritage and we are committed to providing a platform for them to share their gifts with the world. That's why we cover the costs for Indigenous artisans to showcase their craftsmanship and talent at our events

Our Allyship Journey

How we support Indigenous communities

98% Indigenous-led Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council brings together a cross-sectoral group of established and emerging Indigenous leaders from across Canada. We lean on them to educate us on the most pressing challenges and trends found between communities and industry.

Smudging & Counselling Onsite

Our aim is to assist our participants in their healing and personal growth. We have an Indigenous counsellor on-site for participants experiencing distress from triggering content. We also offer smudging to promote relaxation and facilitate the healing process.

Including Indigenous Youth Voices

Forward Summit partners with Actua to welcome Indigenous youth and post-secondary students to each summit so that they can speak their truths, learn about career opportunities and participate in discussions on economic reconciliation.

We Produce Events That Matter

We create, manage & produce high quality events that matter, ones that make progress to humanity & improve economies.

We Amplify Voices

We are committed to promoting Indigenous world views and supporting non-Indigenous businesses in their efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse economy.

We Empower Others

We encourage participants to challenge each other's perspectives and push themselves to think outside the box.

We Are Detail-Oriented

We have high standards and pay close attention to the little details that make a big difference.

What Makes Us Different

We create events that have a lasting societal impact

Our reputation for creating and delivering the highest standard of events is backed by our extensive knowledge and expertise in event management.


Frequently Asked Questions

Forward Summit offers a platform for individuals to connect with Indigenous leaders, experts, and business owners from across Canada and beyond. These connections can lead to meaningful partnerships and collaborations in various ways, such as:

1. Networking: The summit provides opportunities for participants to network with Indigenous individuals from various fields. By networking, people can learn about each other's work and explore opportunities for collaboration.

2. Learning from Indigenous leaders and experts: The summit provides a chance to learn about Indigenous perspectives, cultures, and ways of doing business. This knowledge can be valuable for individuals and organizations looking to work with Indigenous communities or incorporate Indigenous values into their businesses.

3. Building trust and relationships: Building trust and relationships is crucial when working with Indigenous communities. Attending Forward Summit can help people establish relationships with Indigenous individuals and build trust that can lead to meaningful partnerships.

4. Exploring business opportunities: The summit also provides an opportunity to explore business opportunities with Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners. These collaborations can create new business models that incorporate Indigenous values, knowledge, and culture while addressing social and environmental issues.

Attending Forward Summit and Workforce Forward provides participants with an opportunity to connect with Indigenous leaders, experts, and business owners which can lead to meaningful partnerships and collaborations that promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

1. Cultural exchange - Partnerships can foster cultural exchange by sharing and learning from traditional practices, knowledge, and values.

2. Empowerment - Partnerships can empower Indigenous communities to participate in decision-making processes and leadership roles that affect their lives.

3. Economic development - Partnerships can create economic development opportunities for Indigenous communities through job creation, training programs, and joint ventures.

4. Environmental sustainability - Partnerships can support and promote environmentally sustainable practices that are rooted in Indigenous cultural values.

5. Policy advocacy - Partnerships can advocate for policy changes that support the rights and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and communities.

6. Improved health and wellbeing - Partnerships can improve access to health care, education, and other services that contribute to the overall wellbeing of Indigenous communities.

7. Increased awareness - Partnerships can increase awareness and understanding of Indigenous perspectives and issues among non-Indigenous stakeholders, fostering informed and respectful relationships.

8. Increased voice and agency - Partnerships can provide opportunities for Indigenous communities to have a voice and agency in decisions that affect their lands, resources, and cultural heritage.

Our events offer an excellent opportunity to build relationships with Indigenous communities, learn about their cultures, values, and traditions, and explore business opportunities that benefit both parties.

1. Networking: By attending our events, you can build relationships and network with members of Indigenous communities who can potentially become clients, partners, or allies.

2. Cultural Awareness: Our events offer an opportunity to learn about Indigenous cultures, histories, values, and traditions. Understanding and respecting these aspects of Indigenous communities can help build trust and strengthen relationships.

3. Collaboration: We promote collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. By attending, your business can explore opportunities for collaboration on joint ventures, projects, or initiatives that benefit both parties.

4. Business Opportunities: Indigenous communities are increasingly becoming important players in the Canadian economy. By attending our events, your business can discover new opportunities to do business with Indigenous partners that can enhance your business bottom line.