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We are constantly striving towards creating inclusive event environments that value diversity, intersectionality, and mutual respect.

Whether you seek to expand your network, dive deep into new topics or share knowledge of your own, our events provide the forum to achieve it all.

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About Us

We conceptualize and produce purposeful large-scale events that challenge the conventional ways of doing business

The Connect Partnership Group exists to produce events that make an impact. Our organization conceptualizes, finances, and executes large-scale, world-class events that aim to provide the best experience for all of our participants. From consumer events, to trade shows and conferences, we do it all!

With our unmatched skills and expertise, we assure you an unforgettable and unparalleled event experience for you and your team.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer service and desire to deliver the best experience for our participants and partners.

What We’re Known For

Connecting The best and brightest across the worlds of industry


Working with partners to achieve shared goals and to produce results with sustainable value 


Introducing or adopting new ways of thinking and acting in order to achieve our events purpose 


Looking ahead to conceive and plan for a better future while always acting in accordance with our core principles

Our Allyship Journey

How we support Indigenous Communities

The Legacy Of Hope Foundation

By supporting the Legacy of Hope Foundation, an Indigenous-led charitable organization, as our official nominated charity, participants and organizations can contribute towards their mission of building a better understanding and awareness of the impact of Residential Schools on Indigenous people.

Supporting Indigenous Artisans at Events

We recognize the important role that Indigenous artisans play in preserving cultural heritage and we are committed to providing a platform for them to share their gifts with the world. That's why we cover the costs for Indigenous artisans to showcase their craftsmanship and talent at our events.

98% Indigenous-led Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council brings together a cross-sectoral group of established and emerging Indigenous leaders from across Canada. We lean on them to shape the content on the most pressing challenges and trends found between communities and industry.

Smudging & Counselling Onsite

Our aim is to assist our participants in their healing and personal growth. We have an Indigenous counsellor on-site for participants experiencing distress from triggering content. We also offer smudging to promote cleansing, relaxation and facilitate the healing process.

Including Indigenous Youth Voices

Forward Summit partners with Actua to welcome Indigenous youth and post-secondary students to each summit so that they can speak their truths, learn about career opportunities and participate in discussions on economic reconciliation.

Our Events 

Upcoming Events in 2023!

Workforce Forward | VANCOUVER

Workforce Forward is aimed at fostering Indigenous inclusion in corporate workplaces across Canada. With an unwavering commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity, Workforce Forward provides a platform for learning, engagement and collaboration to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Indigenous individuals within the realms of employment.

Forward Summit | EAST

Forward Summit is an annual conference that highlights significant economic issues and challenges facing Indigenous people. The summit is designed to collectively brainstorm and address strategies to move forward with economic growth, connect with industry and government leaders, and to promote reconciliation efforts.

IoT North Conference 2023

IoT North Conference is an annual event that brings together professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from various sectors to explore and discuss the rapidly advancing field of Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to thought-provoking discussions, attendees can also explore a variety of innovative products, technologies, and services that are revolutionizing the IoT landscape through specialized exhibits

We Produce Events That Matter

We create, manage & produce high quality events that matter, ones that make progress to humanity & improve economies.

We Amplify Voices

We are committed to promoting Indigenous world views and supporting non-Indigenous businesses in their efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse economy.

We Empower Others

We encourage participants to challenge each other's perspectives and push themselves to think outside the box.

We Are Detail-Oriented

We have high standards and pay close attention to the little details that make a big difference.

What Makes Us Different

We create events that have a lasting societal impact

Our reputation for creating and delivering the highest standard of events is backed by our extensive knowledge and expertise in event management.


See what our past participants and partners have to say about they experience!

"My associate and I attended Forward Summit for the first time. We were both very impressed with every aspect of it, from the venue, to the organization, how smoothly everything flowed, the content and speakers were outstanding! The knowledge gained was superb and the contacts too. Thank you!
Zinat Damji, Founder and President of Alliance Trust Company
Forward Summit | WEST 2023
This was a great launch to a valuable show, in a growing market that is increasingly a part of day-to-day business and life. As we come out of a never before experienced locked down society, the IoT North Conference organizers have shown the rejuvenation, and value of a well-run exhibition and conference.
Matthew Bigelow
IoT North Conference 2022
Workforce Forward’s conferences are driven by an all Indigenous Leadership Committee which I am proud to be part of. I feel that this direction is vital to the success of the development of the workshops, panels and discussions while ensuring authentic Indigenous worldviews and perspectives.
Deborah Green ᑳᑭᑫ ᒪᓂᑐᐦᑳᐣ ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ
Workforce Forward 2023

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