We create direct partnerships with Industry associations to provide a full suite of HR, Talent Management and Networking services. Adding substantial benefits directly for your member base. Risk and investment free profit-centre for growth oriented associations.


Through a series of initiatives including; benchmarking, insights, workshops, recruitment fairs and bespoke discounted HR Management and recruitment solutions, we increase your revenues, deliver additional member benefits and increased member engagement; all financially and reputationally     risk-free to the association.  

We have created a first of its kind company that is by the industry and for the industry. Unlike any ‘competitor’, generated revenues are re-circulated within the industry.


Our Values

Unlike other companies, we are 100% focused on establishing an honest and collaborative relationship with our clients, and ultimately connecting the right resource with the right company. We are passionate about transparency and putting our clients first. We believe that a win for the member is a win for the association.

  1. We place your brand reputation above all else.
  2. We work with you to reputationally de-risk the opportunity for your association.
  3. We work closely with you to deliver excellent additional value to your members and deliver greater member engagement.

Our Expertise

The principals of the business have a broad and deep experience with associations, HR management, talent acquisition and retention strategies, white papers, workshops and events. This combination provides the perfect blend to deliver a fruitful partnership for both associations and their member organizations. We share a philosophy of being customer-centric and building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

The concept is simple, and utilizses ‘white-labelling’ principles to help associations bring significantly greater value to their members through offerings focused on all aspects of HR Strategy including talent acquisition and retention. We marry your hard-earned brand with our expertise in delivering talent solutions to create a new service that adds value and engagement for your association members.

Through our unique consultative approach, we deliver the best HR professionals to your sector association members at a discounted below- market rate thereby creating a significant revenue line for the association. And Additionally, for professional member associations, we deliver a series of workshops and white papers to assist in career development and provide a steady stream of career opportunities.

Benefits for the member of a sector association:;

  1. HR as and when you need it
  2. Workforce planning
  3. Get the right talent
  4. Through our industry benchmarking, ensure you’re paying the right amount for the new hire
  5. Free to attend high-touch workshops and career focused events, engage with peers and meet potential new hires.
  6. Free white papers and other insights, learn about current market trends and developments and new ideas.
  7. As a member of the association, qualify for a discount on HR and recruitment solutions.

Benefits for a member just like a Professional Association;

Future proofing your seasonal workforce.  We can help in the following areas;

  1. Receive updates and insights on transitional career opportunities
  2. Free career counselling including advice on preparing a winning ‘resume’
  3. Free to attend career workshops and career fairs
  4. Get the right job to create year long employment.

Benefits for the association;

  1. Financially risk free, with -no investment required, either financially or in additional headcount
  2. Reputationally de-risked. :- We promise to uphold your brand values as zealously as you do
  3. Greater member engagement through workshops, insights, and white papers
  4. Additional member benefits
  5. Significant NDR revenue lines

Through our free ‘talent audit’ consultation, we work with your member to identify what needs they have in their talent strategy.