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Miki Reeder

President & CEO


Laura Bodtker

Conference Manager


Jennie Price

Marketing Manager


Jaret Smith

Business Development Manager


Louisa Pumilia

Operations Manager


John Aranibar

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Demi Knight

Conference Producer


Ash Merani

Director, Business Development


Cintia Lutz

Operations Manager


Malinda Van Aalst

President & CEO



Frequently Asked Questions

Forward Summit is an annual conference that highlights significant economic issues and challenges facing Indigenous people. The summit is designed to collectively brainstorm and address strategies to move forward with economic growth, connect with industry and government leaders, and to promote reconciliation efforts.

Workforce Forward is the kind of positive environment where transformative ideas can have far-reaching influence. It’s a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders working in the DEI space come to connect, have conversations and contribute actionable insights that leave participants inspired to create safe, welcoming and inclusive workplaces to Indigenous people. 

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Our events offer an excellent opportunity to build relationships with Indigenous communities, learn about their cultures, values, and traditions, and explore business opportunities that benefit both parties.

1. Networking: By attending our events, you can build relationships and network with members of Indigenous communities who can potentially become clients, partners, or allies.

2. Cultural Awareness: Our events offer an opportunity to learn about Indigenous cultures, histories, values, and traditions. Understanding and respecting these aspects of Indigenous communities can help build trust and strengthen relationships.

3. Collaboration: We promote collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. By attending, your business can explore opportunities for collaboration on joint ventures, projects, or initiatives that benefit both parties.

4. Business Opportunities: Indigenous communities are increasingly becoming important players in the Canadian economy. By attending our events, your business can discover new opportunities to do business with Indigenous partners that can enhance your business bottom line.